Sakamaki's Big Sister!!!!

Sakamaki's Big Sister!!!!

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Why if Karl Heinz had a daughter and she the heir to the throne?!?!?! But, she has to marry one of her own little brothers to get it?!?!?!

Find out in, Sakamaki's Big Sister!!!!

A/N: I only own Kiyomi

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- - Jun 02, 2016
That whole outfit is adorable especially the shoes and the purse
courthetalia courthetalia Mar 06, 2016
*Meanwhile with God* "Nah you good you got this girl." *Goes back playing Go-fish with Satin.*
- - Jun 02, 2016
Anybody else gets the wrong idea when he says that gets his juices flowing it just sounds very wrong to me my mind is filled with dirty thoughts and yaoi
Shankuroko-10 Shankuroko-10 Jun 06, 2015
his name is Laito not Ratio or did u want his name like that ?