Submissive Part 1 & 2 (manxman) **Subs Book 1**

Submissive Part 1 & 2 (manxman) **Subs Book 1**

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Part One....For A Good Cause

Sammy's compassion for his best friend's Social Anxiety Disorder overrides his bad experience with his first go round  with Club Bliss's submissive auction. Little does sweet little Sammy know that there is a surprise waiting from him when the auctioneer's gavel strikes on the final bid. He his sold for a night of passion to the last person he ever expected to bid on him. 

Part Two...The Reluctant Sub

Shy, broken Kyle has unconsciously chosen his Master he wants to submit to, but he has to overcome his rough introduction to the BDSM lifestyle. He has to fight through his fears to be able to put his trust in someone in order to submit himself fully to the one man that will teach him that the right Dominant makes it easy to let go and to finally embrace his desires.

**Two short stories originating from my book of One Shots, Nosebleed Central.**

  • angst
  • bdsm
  • club
  • desire
  • dominant
  • submissive
UglyAssFlowers UglyAssFlowers May 17, 2017
Wtf? They are forced to sell themselves??? Or is it just a date??
1_AyoBeAnEggo_1 1_AyoBeAnEggo_1 Jul 06, 2017
Hehehehe get it!!!! Sub-concious!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂 then😢😢😭😵👍
Khalyl301 Khalyl301 Dec 29, 2016
Srsly just cause your a dom doesnt you could abuse the power over the sub why the does almost every man in the street like that
_dreamXcatcher_ _dreamXcatcher_ Feb 14, 2017
I knew the name sounded familiar, but then I was just like - Sam! What are you doing here?!
Overlordjoseph Overlordjoseph Dec 16, 2015
So if I'm  reading between the lines correctly... You think all these models are freaking smoking hot or cute and you want to see them go at it.
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