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Hello, My Name Is Crazy[EDITING]

Hello, My Name Is Crazy[EDITING]

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A Mermaid By dancerchic_13 Updated Nov 15, 2015

My name is Electra Parks. I live in a house with eight other people (not including me). Some people would call it chaos, but I call it home. Yeah, of course it gets crazy now and then. Okay, I admit it, you caught me, I'm lying. It's crazy all of the time. But what else is new? 

Except a new place, new people, and a lot of new problems. 

UNDER A LOT OF EDITING. This is my first story I wrote on wattpad and it has a special place in my heart. I'm going to try and edit so it will become better. Thank you for your patience.

Shout out to @CRMrose who is helping me edit. Thank you so much. Go follow her she's amazing.

My name is Payton and I see patty,patunia,etc but never Payton
prettylily1 prettylily1 Mar 22
I feel the pain who even knows a name that is kaianna nobody i tell u nobody
axela0209 axela0209 Dec 08, 2016
My name is alexa and it's actually hard to find it! It's either Alexandra, alexia, Alexis, or Alex
dancerchic_13 dancerchic_13 Nov 03, 2016
Yes. People with slightly different spelling or unique names unite!!!
dancerchic_13 dancerchic_13 Jun 09, 2016
Lol thank you guys. I laugh at my own jokes too when I'm editing and think "how did I come up with this?"
BookwormNation1 BookwormNation1 Nov 29, 2016
My family just finds stuff with out middle names on it because Grace Faith and Hope is easier to find on a cup than Eilish and Helisse