Hello, My Name Is Crazy[EDITING]

Hello, My Name Is Crazy[EDITING]

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Mermaid By dancerchic_13 Updated Nov 15, 2015

My name is Electra Parks. I live in a house with eight other people (not including me). Some people would call it chaos, but I call it home. Yeah, of course it gets crazy now and then. Okay, I admit it, you caught me, I'm lying. It's crazy all of the time. But what else is new? 

Except a new place, new people, and a lot of new problems. 

UNDER A LOT OF EDITING. This is my first story I wrote on wattpad and it has a special place in my heart. I'm going to try and edit so it will become better. Thank you for your patience.

Shout out to @CRMrose who is helping me edit. Thank you so much. Go follow her she's amazing.

I haven't seen my name in or on anything but the Bible or my solid C report card
Im.14 and i alwaaayys have cramps and back pains and headaches🙄💔
I mean seriously! It's like : Hey! U wanna pay 5$ for a bag of air? I'll throw in free chips
Pain is measured by 4 lvls
                              Lvl 1: getting a cut.
                              Lvl 2: Falling on your head; stomach aches 
                              Lvl 3: Breaking bones
                              Lvl 4: stepping on a Lego
I'm different my first name is so basic they don't even bother putting it on cup key chains etc
Why would they do that on my garsh poor lil children 😂😂😂