Hello, My Name Is Crazy[EDITING]

Hello, My Name Is Crazy[EDITING]

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Mermaid By dancerchic_13 Updated Nov 15, 2015

My name is Electra Parks. I live in a house with eight other people (not including me). Some people would call it chaos, but I call it home. Yeah, of course it gets crazy now and then. Okay, I admit it, you caught me, I'm lying. It's crazy all of the time. But what else is new? 

Except a new place, new people, and a lot of new problems. 

UNDER A LOT OF EDITING. This is my first story I wrote on wattpad and it has a special place in my heart. I'm going to try and edit so it will become better. Thank you for your patience.

Shout out to @CRMrose who is helping me edit. Thank you so much. Go follow her she's amazing.

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rori215 rori215 Mar 17
I KNOW YOUR PAIN!!! when everyone write your name wrong or you can never find it written on anything like key chains...blah blah blah.....or when they say it wrong AND MOST OF THEM forget my name so they use my sister 's name....like UGH.....
summer5649 summer5649 Feb 04
I swear this is the fourth worst way to wake up!! Right after getting drenched in a bucket of water, a horn right next to your ear and the covers being ripped off of your body. UGH! And yes ik from experience 😂😭😌
My cousin feels like that everyday. Her name is Aakeylah, try to find that. And people pronounce it AaKAYlah, that is clearly a e not an a! But if you do find Aakeylah(spelled like that) please tell me.
hunti1 hunti1 Apr 06
I'm only 11 I shouldn't understand those dirty books or the dirty jokes or see the double meanings
Every time someone says “I hope u get hit by a car” I always answer “and I hope u step on lego”
RedaJalwa RedaJalwa Jan 11
Okay I'm so confused
                              Im British and i have no idea what elementary school, middle school and high school are. 
                              Can someone explain????