Homophobic bxb (boyxboy)

Homophobic bxb (boyxboy)

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_A sharp pain to the right of Louis' left eyebrow made it hard to concentrate on his own thoughts even, but he assumed that was good at the moment. He wasn't sure he even wanted to hear the things being said inside his mind, whether they be good and encouraging or more likely, the words that told Louis what everyone else was saying was true. Maybe they were right and it was Louis' way of agreeing with them. That he was in fact, a disappointment and he should give his life up for that's what would be better for the human race.

Maybe Harry was right. He was going against the bible's word, wasn't he? Louis didn't attend church but according to some of the boys on Harry's team, Harry's family was very religious and the type of people to be strong believers in the fact that Louis was in fact disobeying God's word. Louis didn't mention the fact that he didn't even believe in God for that would prompt Harry even more.

So, he had stayed silent and let Harry's fist pound into his face o...

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heyhey936 heyhey936 Apr 20, 2017
God also says that its no good to judge . but he still does it . plus he is beating him up . wow harry . te contradices mucho mijo.
is it bad that it legit took me about 5 minutes into the story to realize that the characters were just one direction? yeah probably
babie_lou babie_lou Sep 09, 2016
payne,  is2g if you don't leave him alone I will hurt you if he doesn't wanna go to the party , then he doesn't HAVE TO GO TO THR PARTY and niall, you fooking piece of bread I will put you in the toaster, and HORTON I WILL HURT YOU
StankyPieceOfFish StankyPieceOfFish Mar 20, 2016
The opposite of my family. My sister would be in her room plotting on how to kill me.
larryroleplayonly larryroleplayonly Aug 20, 2016
It doesn't matter... haha see what I did there? Oh no one cares? Okay darn
PhangirlingoverLarry PhangirlingoverLarry Feb 22, 2016
than how is one of them throwing a party every time Jay is out of town?