Lucifer's Ring

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PureOfHeart By PureOfHeart Updated 3 years ago
All Estelle Atkins wants to do is leave her home and never come back. Her father is controlling, her mother is gone, and a mysterious man has been following her ever since her 16th birthday. After disobeying her father for the last time, he decides to send her away to her Aunt and Uncle’s in a small town called Painswick. Estelle sees this as a chance to finally break free and escape her problems back home. She learns dating tips from her soon-to-be married cousin, gets to explore the town freely and begins to feel as if she is a normal person like everyone else. But what do you do when the issues you try so hard to escape haunt you wherever you go?
The tittle is confusing but it was cool. I must admit when I read your first chapter I wasn't going to think this would suit me but as I kept reading I come to enjoy it. I shall contintue to do so.
nice start. got my attention. I shall put your story in my library and so I can keep reading it ^^
Very good, the setting is well thought of and everythign si written pretty well. I'm voting :)
Oh, thats a good prologue, very short but still intriguing. (I'm obviously reading on xD)
aweesoome! man, you got me nervous too! i keep thinking what her father would do to her.. gripping! great job! :D 
                                    Will do. Hope you will read mine too. Good luck with your work.