Naruto x Reader x Sasuke

Naruto x Reader x Sasuke

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Natsume-san By Natsume-san Updated Feb 05

7 days before...
Shh~ Its a secret.

The title explains everything. Its mostly fluff but there are a few 12+ scenes I guess xD Theres some cursing going on as well.

Please read and comment what you think ^^♡

otter-girl otter-girl Feb 07
I thought it said 120mph since I'm from America 
                              I was like HOT DAMN THAT'S FAST 
                              Then I was like oh kmph
Hiyori_Akuma Hiyori_Akuma a day ago
Don't you dare blame the weather! (Hiyori means weather so...)
You are the only writer I found that writes naruto X reader x Sasuke that has correct grammar! Thank you!!! 😭
-kikoemasu ka?~
                              No? No. Okay, I'll stop now.
                              (Kamisama kiss reference)
cutiesans cutiesans Oct 29
☆~Rain rain go away come again when im not reading a fanfic~☆
otter-girl otter-girl Feb 07
And on the seventh day, reader-chan separated the fluff from the lemons. And she saw that I was good.