Who I am {Phil Lester}

Who I am {Phil Lester}

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Sometimes you question who you really are. Part of you seems to know yourself, the other is just a mystery. 

Indigo Taylor manages to pull through each day looking after her alcoholic best friend and her suicidal brother. She's a shoulder to cry on for everyone, but herself. 

Never stopping to think once about herself, Indie slowly begins to deteriorate and it seems no one will be able to help her until one fatal night when she lays eyes on Dan Howell and Phil Lester who looked as though they belong in either Hollywood or heaven.

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HelloPhillip HelloPhillip Sep 22, 2016
javastorm javastorm Apr 13, 2016
Totally detailed and everything! The metaphors are amazing too :3
free_larry_stylinson free_larry_stylinson Sep 26, 2016
Me. And I am possibly the clumsiest person in the nworld. Not even kidding. I might not be the most awkward by myself but then when I trip into someone or anything like that, I am awkward af
artisticdeathwish artisticdeathwish Jul 12, 2016
he may be a stranger but i assure you he cares what you think.
free_larry_stylinson free_larry_stylinson Sep 26, 2016
Is it Dan Phil Chris and PJ? And yaaaaa Phil has eyes to die for! Oml!!!! Gorgeous! I googled ugly pics of Phil Lester and I literally could not find ONE ugly pic of him!
artisticdeathwish artisticdeathwish Jul 12, 2016
i've got all this ringing in my ears and none of them on my fingers...
                              SORRY IM PETEKEY TRASH