Kurama's family

Kurama's family

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Akatsuki lover By paper_angel_11 Updated Mar 13, 2015

The day the nine tailed attacked the leaf village under the control of madara Uchiha. 

The fourth Hokage Minato's wife Kushina gave birth to twins. The older of the twins, a boy named Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. The younger of the twins, a girl named Mito Uzumaki Namikaze. 

The fourth battled the nine tails and later sealed it in Naruto the eldest of his children. 

4 years later Mito is loved by every one in the village and is adored by her parents, however Naruto has been beaten and almost killed by the villagers many times. His parents ignore him and forgot about him. The only one how talks to him is Kurama the nine tailed fox the is sealed within him.

One day Naruto decides thy he has had enough an decides to run away. Kurama then offers to make him apart of his family that he hasn't seen in 4 years because he has been sealed in naruto.

Naruto accepts the offer and leaves the village and lives with a family of demon foxes. 

This is his story.