The alphas submissive(BDSM)

The alphas submissive(BDSM)

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Fun_unicorn By Fun_unicorn Updated Nov 28

"See princess, I always get what I want" he said as his hot minty breath fanned my face, making me wetter by he minute.  

"well t-things aren't gonna go y-your way anymore"  I spat back trying to sound like he didn't make my knees weak.

damn it Claire     
 get it together! 


Claire was a normal teenage girl, living the American dream, but after a rogue attack hits worse than she's ever seen, she relocates off the coast and tries to stay low.

but being her, new surprises are always waiting. 
sexual scenes&
vulgar language
Mature audience only...dont like it dont read it please! 

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Woah how long are your school days? How can you fit so many classes @.@
JodiLeigh1 JodiLeigh1 Mar 05
I'm so confused...... If the alpha is dead then how can her dad be running towards her??
moniloli moniloli Aug 19
IM not that terrible. I just need some extra help with some stuff in math.(not all of them though)
growup13 growup13 Nov 22
Only 6 period 7 if you failed a class and have to make it up to graduate