The Mockingjay Died: The Fourth Quarter Quell

The Mockingjay Died: The Fourth Quarter Quell

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When the laws of the Hunger Games were laid out, they dictated that every twenty-five years the anniversary would be marked by a Quarter Quell. It would call for a glorified version of the Games to make the fresh the memory of those killed by the districts' rebellion. Now we honor our fourth Quarter Quell. On the one hundredth anniversary, as a reminder to the rebels that the Dark Days only served to tear their families apart, each district will be required to send two sets of siblings. 

The new government that came with the rebellion Katniss started has been overthrown. President Snow's granddaughter is ruling Panem now, and she has proven to be more ruthless than he ever was. Katniss and Peeta were publicly executed after the Capitol took over again, and District 13 was completely obliterated. Since then, the Hunger Games have been harsher than ever. This Quarter Quell promises to be the worst Games since the rebellion. 

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