Miracles (Markiplier x Reader)

Miracles (Markiplier x Reader)

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macincheeselady By macincheeselady Updated Sep 02, 2015

You are just an average teenage girl raging over youtubers and your favorite is of course Markiplier. He makes you feel okay and he lets you escape reality, but of course reality sets in sometime.

Your parents are divorced, you have anxiety, your a sophomore in high school, and you are considered weird in your school. Reality is hard for you and you use YouTube to escape. 

Your dream is to meet Mark but it's hard to do when you live in Georgia, and he lives in Ohio. Your lost and need comfort and you need a miracle to come true.

Oh my gosh this is perfect, I live in Georgia and I have adhd 😂
I'm really sorry if i offend anyone but what is ADHD and what does it stand for?  thanks xx
My mom says I have ADHD, but that's just because I have a lot of energy and go a little too crazy XD
Docs dont know if i have add or adhd and i have one younger brother
Huh how did you know?(close but I have ADD and it sucks a$$)
RavenSlade RavenSlade Oct 30
I used to take pills for adhd but had to stop because of dosage, and I have 2 older brothers, I just never lived with one of them