Who Will You Choose? (Yami Bakura x F!Reader x Marik)

Who Will You Choose? (Yami Bakura x F!Reader x Marik)

27.6K Reads 1K Votes 17 Part Story
♔Եհҽ Եհíҽƒ զմҽҽղ♔ By Kamiria Completed

Marik and Bakura...
Two unusual villains with their own unique personalities.
But with both of them being, more or less crazy...

What happens when they both fall for the same girl?

All characters belong to their original owners!

solitarewolf solitarewolf Nov 15, 2016
Usally New wave bossa nova remix or song of healing(sorry but i really love legend of zelda)
Tilly_loo Tilly_loo Aug 27, 2016
-turns out Bakura was just messing with feelings and Marik sends him the the "Shadow Real"-
                              Me: "MARIK HOW COULD YOU!?
                              Marik: "I HAD NO CHOICE!!!"
                              *they both start balling while yelling random sh*t*
Bakura_Touzoku Bakura_Touzoku May 16, 2016
Every good villain needs his/her tea. Wait I'm drinking tea right now. Hm makes sense
BB_Rox BB_Rox Jun 04, 2016
Is there any way I can cheat the system and have them both T.T
xyz_trash xyz_trash Dec 14, 2015
I had to add 'which is completely harmless' at the end of that XD
CandyKitty222 CandyKitty222 Mar 04, 2015
idk what I am doing here... I mean... I was bored, saw this, so I was all, why not? Let's see where this goes.