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Lyle: Sadly a Sex Slave

Lyle: Sadly a Sex Slave

30K Reads 1.3K Votes 31 Part Story
Miss Sammy Sen By missSsen Completed

Being in a gang is hard especially when a rival gang member captures and uses you.
The only ray of hope you have for recuse, is your boyfriend, Raven, but even he is
starting to make you doubt if he really loves you enough. I mean no loving
boyfriend would choose his gang over you or abuse you right?

Lyle is kidnapped, beaten and raped by Raven’s lustful brother and enemy
gangster, Jake. Does Lyle survive the trauma without his boyfriend’s love? Does
Raven learn to love Lyle; like a real boyfriend should?

Ok peps! I have several warnings to
give you:

1. Trigger warning (cutting, suicidal

2. Short chapters warning (the
chapters are kind of sort sorry!)

3. Sexual scenes warning (boy on boy
action, detailed, bdsm)

4. Swearing warning (very colorful
vocabulary, rude gestures, inappropriate name-calling)

5. Death warning (many people are
killed, suffering from the loss of a dead friend)

And that's it I think. Soooo enjoy! I'll update this book every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


clarrettasweet clarrettasweet Nov 15, 2016
If i were you, i would have broken up with him and found another boyfriend that's better than him.
jiujitsugirl jiujitsugirl Aug 19, 2016
Normally I don't like gay sex slave stories. This ones actually pretty good!