The Cinderella Contract

The Cinderella Contract

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Sasha By SashaKadley Updated Jul 30, 2015

"I have a proposition," He began. I gestured with my hand for him to continue. "You will sneak into the prince's ball to retrieve the diamond slipper-"

"Why a slipper?" I said, interrupting his speech. Will glared at me. I held my hands up in surrender and let him finish.

He cleared his throat. "That is for us to know and you to not find out." He stated simply. "Anyways, we will fix you up like a princess so you can meet the prince. After you dance with him, which is required for all girls who attend the costume ball, we will cause a distraction. In that time, you are going to follow our directions and obtain the slipper."  

I leaned back on my chair. "What's in it for me?"

He threw me a sly look. "You will be granted ten thousand dollars for your services.."

I took a moment to think about it. After a minute of silence, Will pushed himself forwards.

"So what do you say, Storm? Want to become Cinderella for a day?"

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_mythical_creatures_ _mythical_creatures_ Dec 13, 2017
I live your name I always said I was gonna make my girl Sasha if I had one
Me when I wanna hunt down an author when they kill off my favorite character.
animedetectivelover animedetectivelover Jul 09, 2017
I think my friend says this in her mind when others insult her favorite books and writers 😂😂
ChristenCupcake ChristenCupcake Nov 09, 2016
They have books in jail. But I love this line anyway 😂😍
Societys_Mistake Societys_Mistake Nov 12, 2016
Makeup? Rly? I thought she was wearing a rly scary and ugly mask! Who knew?!
This idea is absolutely amazing, like the classic Cinderella tales on Wattpad except it has a twist I actually think i've going to like...scratch that...LOVE! I'm sure i'm going to love this!