Supernatural Preferences

Supernatural Preferences

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How You Met--

Dean: You met him at bar after he had finished a hunt with his brother. He looked tired, and maybe needed someone to talk to. So you leant an ear, and gave some warm words of comfort You wrote your phone number on a napkin, and told him you would be happy to see him again some day, and he was very welcome to call if he needed someone to talk to. 

Sam: You were sitting at the library reading up on your little towns local history. While you were reading, a very tall man sat across from you and asked if he could take a quick look at a page from the specific book you were currently reading. 

Cas: You were on a vacation with your friends Sam and Dean. A little get away cabin in the back woods of Tennessee that you owned as a safe house, and vacation spot. 

You and the boys were swimming in the little pond on the property, when fwoosh! A man in tan trench coat appeared at the waters edge. You were about to ask him why he was trespassing on your property, but Dean spoke up. ...

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literalcats literalcats Mar 17, 2017
I love how the whole comments were chill and then BAM FALL OUT BOY
I like how everyone is saying they live there and I’m just like
                              I live in Chicago ummm
riggem6305 riggem6305 7 days ago
That song has been stuck in my head for hours and I was just humming it as I read this lmao
AllyWaite AllyWaite Jul 23, 2017
The "whiskey gold eyes" description is used so often? Is it wrong that it never gets old?
kellin_morgans kellin_morgans Jul 28, 2017
leonardo-dicaprisun leonardo-dicaprisun Oct 07, 2017
When your mom says she won't buy you a Bobby because he's "not real" ugh