His Girl (L.T.)

His Girl (L.T.)

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Aqua Paris By LouisGirl95 Completed

Five reckless and uncaring boys abduct her and refuse to tell her why. Unknown to the other boys, one of her kidnappers plans to make her life hell, and she doesn't understand why. 

And then there is Louis. He seems different from the others and she is somehow drawn to him since he's the only one who disagrees with the cruel treatment they are supposed to show her.

Almost immediately, Kali picks up on the fact that there is a higher influence controlling these boys. But nobody knows who he is, not even the boys. It seems that this mysterious man holds a fervent grudge against her, but she has never done anything to hurt anyone in her entire life. What then, could this man have against her?

WARNING: Includes sexual scenes and language

  • abducted
  • dark
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  • kidnapped
  • liampayne
  • louis
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AmBeRCLeMmInGs AmBeRCLeMmInGs Aug 23, 2017
Omfg Im arachnophobic, that would have literally been TORTURE for me!!!
                              I got frikin chills reading it.
AnnaBear4Eva AnnaBear4Eva Sep 01, 2017
THIS TIME I'M READY TO RUN!! idk why I comment this but...YOLO
_Zahra_Xx _Zahra_Xx Nov 13, 2016
Omg I wouldnt stay in a room with huge ass spiders I just became used to tiny spiders 😵😱😨
Nerd-A-Rella Nerd-A-Rella May 03, 2016
Can I say something  now 
                              I think Oliver is the guy wanting to take her
_Zahra_Xx _Zahra_Xx Nov 13, 2016
This is why you don't trust strangers. Its called stranger danger for a reason yano 😒
Ashwinirameshkc Ashwinirameshkc Jul 07, 2016
That's the reason you are told frm a very young age not to talk with strangers!!