The Cold Blooded (A One Direction Vampire Fanfic)

The Cold Blooded (A One Direction Vampire Fanfic)

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puppypayne By puppypayne Updated Feb 23, 2014

  As I walk to my friends house I put in my ear plugs and listen to my music. Finally its Saturday and I can go over to my best friend Daisy's house. The cold air blows causing me to shiver and pull my grey hoodie over my head. I walk up the steps to her door and knock on it a couple of times. The door swings open and there Daisy is with a wide mischievous smile on her face.

"Hey Brie! Come on in, its freezing out there." She said as she pulled me in the house.

I put my ipod away and sit on her couch. "What do you wanna do today?" I ask. "Umm.. I was thinking on going camping in the woods? Besides it being freezing cold, its nice out today." Daisy suggests.

"Like an all nighter?" I ask.

"Yea, we can roast marshmallows and everything! I think it would be fun."

I raise my eyebrow and think about it for a bit. The woods doesn't seem that bad.. "Alright lets do it, ill need to ask my mom first tho." I say.

 "Hah you still have to ask your mo-"  

"Daisy, I'm 16." I cut in. She rolls ...

Louriall Louriall Mar 08, 2016
How about set up a tent or something 
                              Are they gonna set a tent up Orr
MichaelsDyedHair MichaelsDyedHair Feb 15, 2016
Harry : Is it to late now to say sorry???
                              Brielle: Yes bîtch now fück off
RogueSniper RogueSniper Apr 08, 2016
Bruh I would've screamed and ran home, leaving Daisy in the woods n everything boy, you got me messed up I ain' dying tonight
niallthebreadboy niallthebreadboy Mar 04, 2016
Harry is so careful omg give me a moment imma cry in a corner
larrysmilk_ larrysmilk_ Jul 19, 2016
Oh Oh
                              It's gonna be a big night
                              We're gonna have a good time
                              It's gonna be a big, big, big, big, big, big night
                              1, 2, 3 all my boys and girls
                              We gonna party like it's the end of the world
                              Let's get it started (Hey!)
                              Started (Hey!)
                              Started (Hey!)
                              Whoa Oh
                              BTR *wipes away tears*
itschilltommo itschilltommo Feb 19, 2016
I would allow him do it to me even tho its hurt or I might die- I mean die.