Denial. (Mindless behavior fanfiction.)

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Sierra; By Bhettiboop Completed
Mindless behavior, the OMG girlz, Jacob Latimore, and Myles all go on a tour almost a year long. Everyone comes in as close friends, but everyone began to split up and become mortal enemies when lies, fights, and more is laid out on the table. Everyone will soon learn, that you cant trust your closest friends.
So gullible. Ray was in the hospital around the time that she had sex with prince. It really can't be Rays baby. That's impossible
No it's alright calling my thing beautiful as comparing it to a babies(sarcasm)
I can't breathe because that sh** right there is to funny boy you better go somewhere with all of that
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why the fuck would they make it suck the shit out of babies and fuck rm up in a matter of seconds like wtf?
The first and second time I read this, this part scared the shît outta me
She has to stop this cutting . She gonn end up cutting a main vein or something