restraining order ➳ lashton

restraining order ➳ lashton

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lex ◡̈ By -violence Updated Jun 26, 2016

In an odd circumstance of events, Luke and Ashton have a restraining order on each other. But get this, they have no clue who the other is [ yet ]


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-violence -violence Jun 05, 2016
the prime reason for taking so long to complete this is because i'm lame and can't get myself together so excuse me while i fix myself. my apologies to everyone who reads this
voidlarrie voidlarrie Jun 21, 2015
pretty much my life with all the celebs I like... except there's no "yet" at the end
anxiety-supreme anxiety-supreme Jun 01, 2015
when's the first official chapter coming out?!?? ahhh!! I can't wait! :-D
trulyMalum trulyMalum Mar 09, 2015
Dude i love this and like, i neeeed the first chapter. Its amazing and can't wait till you update.
Guest1124 Guest1124 Feb 02, 2015
It's seems like it'll be really great (also considering you're writing it can't actually be bad so..). I'm excited for the first chapter though!
Guest1124 Guest1124 Jan 13, 2015
Duel restraining orders >_< Ahhhh I really like this idea and I can't write for sh*t tbh, so I can't wait to see how it plays out through your writing.