Diamond In The Sky (Rev! Kevedd)

Diamond In The Sky (Rev! Kevedd)

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Kevin's POV:

Bing...Bing....Bing my alarm on my phone was signaling me to get out of bed for school but i really didn't want to because i'll see him there.....*sigh* Eddward Vincent the school badass, captain of the swim team, every girl's dream boyfriend and my bully since childhood but that's only the half of it. He is also my first love and still is i try to tell how i feel everytime it's just me and him but something always interfears with it. 

I get out of bed, walk over to the bathroom and take a nice hot shower i wash my face and brush my teeth. I put on my white button upshirt, kakhi pants, green sweater vest, red bow tie and my quiz bowl hat i grab my book bag and run dowstairs to the kitchen make myself some toast with butter, put on my shoes and walk out the door locking it behind me. "Kevin!" i her someone call my name and it is my best friend Nazz, "Good Morning Nazz, how are you this morning," i asked with a smile in my face, " I am doing good ready to walk to the bus s...

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Kawa11uk3 Kawa11uk3 Sep 26, 2017
rejectation XD sorry, I'm not trying to make fun of you (the story is really good so far) this just tickled me
I love how he doesn't stop and think that maybe, just maybe, HE is the one Nazz is talking about!
tiny_tommo28 tiny_tommo28 Apr 09, 2015
i have one word to describe this perfectly...STOP.... their is only so much a girl can take without having a fangirl  attack XD