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Angels Mate

Angels Mate

18.9K Reads 751 Votes 8 Part Story
FGH1234 By FGH1234 Updated Jul 29, 2016

Gloria was a normal angel. She lived in Heaven and had angel friends. However this all changes with one trip to a forest on Earth. In this forest she mets her mate the possessive and powerful Alfa of the ShadowKnights pack. What happens when the pure but powerful angel mets the tainted dominant alpha?

maria4476 maria4476 Apr 03, 2016
I like also can you do it where Gloria is telling her point  of view
jolipop jolipop Feb 24, 2016
I could point out so many mistakes in this book. spelling is an issue, along with punctuation. I'm willing to  help you edit the book if you're interested.
oh by the way you speel alfa wrond its supposed to be alpha