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(Creepypasta x reader)

(Creepypasta x reader)

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Lady Unicorn By DaisyUnicornSama Updated Mar 01

[Y/N] is a high school girl living a normal, boarding, life. She didn't really have friends. She was quiet and barely spoke to anyone. She lived with her Mother and wonder why her Mother's doesn't ever mentions her Father or any other family member. She never bother asking. She didn't have to because one day when she's hanging out with a guy from school, things go wrong. Her Mother decided that the should move in with an Uncle from [Y/N]' Farther side of the family. Things only get weirder there.

the_majestic_1 the_majestic_1 Mar 31, 2016
ooooooooooooooooooooooh, i see. um.....ooh ooh ticci toby x reader!! then we can eat waffles for days!!!!!!!
Bluu_the_Fox Bluu_the_Fox Nov 25, 2016
Try having different paraghraphs itll help when we try and point put gramatical errors.
                              Thanks! ✌
AshleyV3402 AshleyV3402 Jan 24
Come on Jeff! That's Killer 101: Never leave your weapon behind!!!
kawwaii_OTP_ kawwaii_OTP_ Nov 02, 2016
Bro he's just a stalker you should know that me! I mean before toby went a little out yonder you used to stalk him... WAIT WAHT I DIDN'T SAY THAT OH LOOK AT THE TIME IT'S TIME TO GO FIND TOBY AND HAHAHAHAH
DaphnieArancon9 DaphnieArancon9 Nov 06, 2016
Why would a killer leave his knife? *laughs*
                              Jeff: hey kid , who you talking to?
                              Jeff:are you crazy or somming?
                              No dude your crazy
                              Jeff:whatever weirdo
                              WhAt DiD yOU SaY?!
                              Jeff:nothing*jumps out of window*
Me: bruhh this sht spooky n sht 
                              Jeff: why do you talk like... ghetto ?
                              Me: bcuz I grew up in the hood and bad schools n sht 😂
                              Jeff: okay um... * pulls out knife * 
                              Me: nahhh nïgga u need a gun 😂😂 this sht too clichè