Broken Yet Holding On: Sock x Reader (Welcome to Hell)

Broken Yet Holding On: Sock x Reader (Welcome to Hell)

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Nico Riley By RileyTheRaptor Updated Nov 17, 2015

It's your first year of college. You live in a small apartment with your roomate/best friend Julie Evans and your siberian husky, Loki.
Sock lives with his long known friend Jonathan.
Julie has always had the hots for Jonathan, but you're better friends with Sock.

But what happens when Jonathan gets mad at Sock and leaves him out in the cold? (No pun intended)

Read on to find out!

Welcome to hell/Jonathan/Sock (c) Erica Wester
Story/Julie/Loki (c) Me
You (c) Yourself

WARNING: Contains swearing, violence, and homosexual references (not actual action)

The title based on the song Broken Yet Holding On, by Roni Tran


I'm not bisexual/pansexual. I'm heterosexual (attracted to opposite genders) QuQ
Yes I like girls, I also like boys, and people without genders, and people with both genders
Actually I do like girls. 
                              Idk I'm pansexual so heyy
_Kewpie_ _Kewpie_ Sep 10
Seriously having a friend like that is a handful XD Once I was walking in the school halls and she legit started to push me closer to a random guy
Nyancat999 Nyancat999 Jun 14
I've read all the chapters THIS STORY IS AMAZING!!! Pls update soon!!
- - May 28
Maybe YOU LIKE GIRLS!!! Theory! *X-files theme song plays* 
                              But, no, I like guys.