Unpredicted Mates

Unpredicted Mates

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Midnightwriter1204 By Midnightwriter1204 Updated Dec 28, 2016


All Annabelle expected when she left her home early in the morning was to meet one of her mother's business partner's but what happens when she run's into a bunch of young were shifter's who don't like the fact she's on their land? 

This is Annabelle's story of her few day's away from home and her days with Jake, her mate and possessive alpha.

**Be warned some chapter's are edited meanwhile most aren't**

PrincessRoseballa PrincessRoseballa Dec 28, 2016
Aww so sorry for you for losing your best friend 😥 he was a beautiful dog n had amazing eyes.
queenmadison90 queenmadison90 Dec 28, 2016
I know how it feels i lost two dogs of mine Pixie a English Bull Terrier and Lottie a staffy Lottie last her on the second of March and Pixie on the third of March 2014
queenmadison90 queenmadison90 Dec 28, 2016
He isnt gone he is still with you but in your memorie and in your heart
Ok right of the bat the whole your only special if your skin isn't white thing kinda bugs me. But hopefully I can move past that since it's apart of the story
Daydreamingasf Daydreamingasf Nov 02, 2015
She be sooo happy WITH HER VIEW!!! She be sooo happy seeing a hot guy naked
Parriex1D Parriex1D Aug 11, 2015
Sounds super interesting. Can't wait to read. (Which I'm doing now :P)