Undeniable Chemistry

Undeniable Chemistry

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This is book one in the Undeniable Trilogy.

Lorenzo Moretti.

The man she can't forget. The man that gave her everything and then ripped it all to shreds. But he did give her one thing, something he can't take away from her, ever. Her babies.

He knows about them, alright. But doesn't believe he's actually the father because of something her mother did to his parents. A mother she knows nothing about.

So what happens when Lorenzo and his family are suddenly thrown back into her life after six years? What happens when he finally steps up and claim the boys as his? Could she handle being around him without falling in love with him all over again just like she did years ago? She's scared that she just might.

Previously Titled "Not Over You"

StilettoGodmother01 StilettoGodmother01 Dec 25, 2016
God no you are awful your not supposed to say it that quick your supposed to beat around the bush then tell him😂
StilettoGodmother01 StilettoGodmother01 Dec 25, 2016
Omg this remind of Kanye west song now I ain't sayin she a gold digger but she ain't messin with no broke....
Olga_GOA Olga_GOA Aug 10, 2016
I love how you started your book. With suspence and intrigue.
                              Great! Keep it doing.
                              I'm so sorry for main heroine, her grandma and BF are sh*t! Poor girl.
                              I hope she will find her happiness soon even she's pregnant.
StilettoGodmother01 StilettoGodmother01 Dec 25, 2016
Gosh this is really good I usually read the books where they meet the and girl gets pregnant than there's a feud along with a break up but this is great I actually interested
Notkatelyn Notkatelyn Aug 17, 2016
You should do foreshadowing. Like add a sentence at the end saying, "Except it wasn't just one with me." Or something like that.  #rr like a lot...
SakuraKyo6 SakuraKyo6 Jan 18
Its makes break my heart what happen to her i want to hit the guy