Personality Match (#wattys2015)

Personality Match (#wattys2015)

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Iris Ray By hello-people-goodbye Updated Jan 14, 2017

Isabella Ford,
A girl sweeter than sugar, takes part in her school's new match quiz, never thinking she'd be partnered with the towns infamous bad boy, Noah Bridge.

Now being forced to date him till the Valentine's ball, follow her as she deals with Noah and his conflicting lifestyle ending her up with;

Midnight tattoo shop visits,

Daily motorbike rides

And maybe a few hot make-out sessions

But where there's a bad boy nothing goes the right way and when feelings start to appear, let's just say everything gets a little more sticky.....


"You should be scared of me princess" he was so close, he breathed the words in my ear making my whole body shiver with warmth.

I took a deep breath and pushed Noah back.

"I'm not scared of you Noah" the words slid down my tongue and I fled the house only thinking one thing.

I'm terrified.

Highest ranking- #85 in teen fiction

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Mira_x Mira_x Feb 28, 2016
Babe. It takes two to tango. They already tangoed and that's how you came along
awesomeweirdgirl22 awesomeweirdgirl22 Feb 21, 2016
One time my mom asked me if I have a crush....and then I said I have a girl crush she looked at me like I have a second head and the next day she asked me if I was a lesbian or bisexual hahahahah I never thought that she would think that 😂😂😭
HeyimMahlaya HeyimMahlaya Dec 24, 2015
Guys at my school are scrawny and immature. I'll just wait till high school... By then they should be smoking hot and mature... Right?
simmons658 simmons658 Jun 09, 2015
just reading the first 10 words of the prologue and  I'm already in love with this book
alnile1208 alnile1208 May 12, 2015
This was awesome. I'll continuing reading. Could you please read my story and vote for me also? Thanks