Deerborn: Lifeline (BOOK THREE) | ✓

Deerborn: Lifeline (BOOK THREE) | ✓

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Murielle Gingras By smurfrielle Completed


Having her life completely ripped away, Sybil Deerborn is attempting to rebuild what little she has. Accepting now that she is a pureblood shapeshifter, she realizes that the only way for her to overcome the loss of her innocence is to embrace it.

Saying good-bye to Bon Resi wasn't easy, and life in The Commune doesn't seem any easier. Balancing her new workload as well as finding time to let her wounds heal, Sybil is lost in the small community around her. Except The Commune now offers a whole new series of experiences for Sybil to endure.

Aaron seems to be drifting away from her as she strengthens her friendship with Graeme, trying desperately to keep the two men in her life happy. Not to mention Patricia seems to have found herself completely infatuated with one of The Commune members, which complicates the relationship between the two sisters.

Left with the deep seeded fear that everything will unfold before she is prepared, Sybil waits for the moment when she can exact her revenge. There's nothing more in the world that Sybil Deerborn wants than to kill each and every single one of The Council, no matter what the circumstances may be.

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Moon_Gazer Moon_Gazer Jun 20, 2017
Oooh I'm do excited!! Also, what is the song used in the trailer?
reader447 reader447 Apr 11, 2016
Why are Whitney and Ashley there neither of then are shifters and neither of them have anything to do with the concil?
ImAToughCookie ImAToughCookie May 08, 2016
this made me think of This Would Be Paradise, awesome book like yours
sleepeatwriterepeat1 sleepeatwriterepeat1 Jul 26, 2015
I'd like to say that I've voted too many times so I can't vote right now, but if I could I definitely would
MichelleRachelLove MichelleRachelLove Jul 12, 2015
Wonderful as always. I love this series. Can't believe I am already on book three. Just started this series on Friday. I should slow down before I have nothing to read anymore. Anyways thanks for sharing. I am so glad I found you on here. :)
burningbrightfire burningbrightfire Jan 20, 2015
I'm still on the first book and its frikken amazing this series better be published and if it is I will buy them and add them to my collection of books!!!