Fix You (Jelena)

Fix You (Jelena)

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Justin Bieber. Senior. Captain of the basket ball team. The golden boy. He's got the looks, the charming attitude, the money, the girls falling at his feet. He's got the perfect life. The one everyone dreams of having. He's got everything he could ever want. At least that's what he allows people to see. On the outside he's perfect but on the inside he's broken.  He's got a secret that's been haunting him for the past seven years of his life. A secret no one knows about. A secret that eats him alive every single day. He's broken and needs someone to fix him. But how can that happen when he doesn't let anyone in?

Selena Gomez. Senior. She's the girl that no one notices. She's the girl that has no friends. She's the girl that is deemed as weird and unapproachable because she looks like she's got the world on her shoulders. People mock her because she's the teacher's favorite. She's got the brains and is aiming for a scholarship to her dream school. No one sees what's under her mask. No one sees how broken she is. No one knows what she goes home to. No one knows her well-concealed secret. No one knows that she's secretly waiting for her prince charming to fix her.

What happens when these two are paired together for a project?

Will they be able to put their differences aside and realize that they're more alike than they think?

Will they put their hearts on the line and let each other in? 

Maybe they'll be able to fix each other.

Maybe all they need is each other.

This book deals with sensitive topics such as self-harm. Please read at your own risk.

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Bieberlicious101 Bieberlicious101 Dec 14, 2017
Ohhhhhhh when you nod you head yes but you wanna say no what do you mean
Christine_Valentine Christine_Valentine Dec 06, 2015
Second time reading it even though it's not complicated yet so UPDATE please
memories_jelena memories_jelena Oct 17, 2015
Ok I finally have time to dive into this story and I'm so excited
allowbieber allowbieber Sep 23, 2015
oh oh oh what do you mean?
                              better make up your mind..
                              what do you mean?
JelenaBieberGomez JelenaBieberGomez Jan 29, 2015
Aw he should wait for Selena to tell him when the time is right!