billionaire - cake

billionaire - cake

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"What's not to like? Luke, I'm a billionaire."


Where polar opposites fall hard for one another, but not without complications.

waitwaitwait, if one of their fam was bed-ridden, did they HAVE to come?
sspinkie sspinkie Feb 27, 2016
Luke: future husband! ...I mean Calum...*cough* ..... Not that I'd mind you being my future mean...ya know............Hi Calum.
appreciatecake appreciatecake Oct 04, 2016
my mom's contact is birth giver and my dad's is sperm maker 😅 they both don't know it 😂
Jezzle101 Jezzle101 Jul 02, 2016
Fam I can't believe his lipring is actually gone tho. So pissed.
Apprently the whole reason he got rid of the lip ring was because it fell out and HE COULDNT BE ASKED TO PUT IT BACK ON