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billionaire - cake

billionaire - cake

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fran By ninjaturtleirwin Completed

"What's not to like? Luke, I'm a billionaire."


Where polar opposites fall hard for one another, but not without complications.

sspinkie sspinkie Feb 27, 2016
Luke: future husband! ...I mean Calum...*cough* ..... Not that I'd mind you being my future mean...ya know............Hi Calum.
appreciatecake appreciatecake Oct 04, 2016
my mom's contact is birth giver and my dad's is sperm maker 😅 they both don't know it 😂
paynefullyloving5sos paynefullyloving5sos Mar 10, 2016
Ugh bratty kids annoy the crap out of me but I love the nice ones
Jezzle101 Jezzle101 Jul 02, 2016
Fam I can't believe his lipring is actually gone tho. So pissed.
larrywontsink larrywontsink Apr 08, 2016
.....thats the exact same name i have for my mum in my phone. heart and all
naomi_g149 naomi_g149 Nov 19, 2015
you're the voice I hear inside my head
                              the reason why I'm singing
                              I've got to find you