Im His Pet (ItaSaku Story)

Im His Pet (ItaSaku Story)

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akatsukixsakura4ever By akatsukixsakura4ever Updated Dec 05, 2015

That night when Sasuke left me on the bench passed out....was the night i became 'His' pet..He trained me, i know all he knows, i love all he loves, i do what ever he tells me to,  I will do anything to make my master happy. My Name Is Sakura Haruno, an my Master an lover is none other then Itachi Uchiha.

Rated: M 

Disclaimer: i dont own Naruto characters

AndreaHlb AndreaHlb Aug 13
Jesus, this is so poorly written. You have a shitload of mistakes... Why don't you edit it?
Plz learn to spell and not be really cringy or creepy u kind of copied something from peins blossom btw
King of banging that itachi eg he c a girl bang her then another bang her its weird if u think about it
AliceRose12348989 AliceRose12348989 Jun 20, 2016
awww cute but it sounds like lemon story -is thinking dirty thoughts- no stupid brain no dirty thoughts
mizzy406 mizzy406 Sep 15, 2016
SausNaru! And is Orochimaru's new name pedophille snake cause everyone calls him that now
Preshes I'm dying XD I'm having a laughing fit and I can breathe