I was Adopted By Dan Howell...

I was Adopted By Dan Howell...

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I hear miss Hagyard call all girls aged 5 - 13 downstairs. I go and I'm the first one there. But as my last name's Watts, I am the last one to be interviewed.

The man stands there and looks at me. He smiles and waves and I do so back. My parents would be happy, but I'm scared. What if they don't like the people I like, or they hate me? My mum and dad died when I was 3, they were in a car crash in the way home from shopping one day.

I start to cry at the thought of that really scary day and now everybody was downstairs. The man comes over and hugs me, and I hug back. He's really warm and cuddly.


I decide I wanted to adopt a child on the way to McDonald's so I stop off at the orphanage near mine and Phil's flat. I tell the woman I wanted a young child so she calls all children aged 5 - 13.

The first child that comes down is tiny for her age, with brown hair down to her butt and a fringe like mine. I decide to smile and wave to see if she does the same back. She does and I feel...

Hazelead Hazelead Apr 28
Dan: Gonna buy burgers!
                              Phil: okay
                              Dan: I have burgers!
                              Phil: Great I-
                              Dan: and a child!
                              Phil: WTF
Lili-Pad Lili-Pad Jul 07
Literally I get like zero hugs in my life I would cry from getting a hug seriously
Dan:*walks out of mcdonalds*
                              Dan: oh i know i'm gonna adopt a real humam being that will be fun and easy
                              *skips along to orphanage with a McFlurry*
oh yeah, I'll be back Phil and I'll pick up your Big Mac up on my way to go child shopping, see you soon!
LeahTamira LeahTamira Apr 20
You decide to adopt a child after going to McDonalds. LOL 😆
cacklesivan cacklesivan May 30
I'm feeling a bit hungry, so let's get some burgers and fries- and maybe a child?