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Dammit Cas (Destiel/Sabriel highschool AU)

Dammit Cas (Destiel/Sabriel highschool AU)

91.8K Reads 4.7K Votes 28 Part Story By castielsangels Updated Mar 24

Cas is a blue eyed, sex-haired boy who has nothing better to do than school work. No friends, no social life. So when Dean, a hot, green eyed, male model- looking guy wants to be his friend, he is more than surprised. And even more surprised when Castiel learns that he is falling for Dean. And Dean, for him.
This is my first story so I'm sorry if it sucks. This also includes a little bit of Sabriel too but I'm not sure yet how much I'm going to add to it.

Everyone is commenting on the trench coat but like who tf takes morning showers
But if he gets a boyfriend such as Gabriel then stfu Deanie Weenie
GiveMeASecretBaby GiveMeASecretBaby 5 days ago
No, he's is going to get lots of girls that want to braid his hair
Dean matches my personality in this story *slides by in socks with the middle finger up"
What is that woman's name who made Castile try to kill Dean? I forgot
GiveMeASecretBaby GiveMeASecretBaby 5 days ago
I don't know why but wen I read scrambled eggs, I thought of sims