Danger (A BTS FanFiction)

Danger (A BTS FanFiction)

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SiHyun_Bacon By SiHyun_Bacon Updated Apr 23, 2015

West Shine Academy, famous for having the smartest, richest and most attractive students in the whole country of South Korea but deep inside... there's Kacelyn Lu.

Kacelyn Lu, 17 yrs old from 11-A. She's the loner type, being bullied by the popular girls and the jocks. She rather hang out in the library than the bleachers where she meets the nightmares of her life.
One day, she found out that she's the lost daughter of the chairman and had a reunion with her father.

Being the daughter of the chairman means your life is always in danger from the other rebel groups. Solution you say? 7 bodyguards who will guard you 24/7...

Bangtan Boys or more likely BTS is a secret group that the chairman trains. They're talented, good-looking and of course has their own attitude and back story. Join Kacelyn and BTS as she discover a whole new breath-taking life with her 7 attractive bodyguards.

BTS are 18 yrs old...

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Sea_Of_Sun Sea_Of_Sun May 14
STOP IT, STOP IT, PLEASE!!! *Starts singing GOT7 Stop, Stop it*
nerdlee101 nerdlee101 Jun 02
I don't know about you guys, but I was suddenly humming BTS Butterfly
nerdlee101 nerdlee101 Jun 02
Let's be honest we all read it as Kanye and thought of Kanye West. But if you didn't, then you probably just read the comments and started reading it as Kanye
So, in my point of view, from reading the description of the story, is this like the BTS version of Ouran High School Host Club? I mean, that's what it seems like to me. 😅😂