Sonamy Story 1: A Huge Change

Sonamy Story 1: A Huge Change

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Charlie is a Unicorn By marshall_marie3 Completed

If you know that love might get hopeless, what should you do? In my case, my only crush, Sonic the Hedgehog is going to propose to my best friend, Princess Sally Acorn.

I failed to see Sonic and I together so I went on my own steps and haven't showed up to him for 3 Years.

What do you think will happen to a hopeless love? Find out in Sonamy Story 1: A Huge Change

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jesse_books jesse_books Nov 17, 2015
This is sooooooo cool I love this and I'm really up for that chap and I'll tell all my friends about h
                              This story this has a lot of action
marshall_marie3 marshall_marie3 Mar 16, 2015
@aag2001 Hey! Thanks for the awesome vote! You guys inspired me to make this story again (because I already quit in the last few months). So thanks! I'll keep updating a soon as possible. Thanks for understanding, I'm a slow poke. XD
marshall_marie3 marshall_marie3 Mar 12, 2015
@lyzvet123 Sorry for keeping you waiting. I haven't edit it and my mom won't allow me to open my account (if you can get it) XD. Anyways, no worries I'll be updating soon as possible. I hope I can do it this weekend. Thanks! :)
lyzvet123 lyzvet123 Mar 11, 2015
I love the story!(>^ω^<)(=^.^=)when is the next one going to come? (Not rushing you just asking)but I hope it's soon(^3^)