She Became My Bestfriend

She Became My Bestfriend

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Jakayla Toney By Ms_Horrendous Completed

*This has no hate towards Muslims by the way if anyone thought so:)*

"My name is Hazel Owens and I will never forget September 11, 2001. I lost my mother on that day. I was only four years old when it happened. Every time I see a Muslim the pain comes back again..."

Hazel Owens is a girl who lost her mother in the 9/11 incident when she was a child. It was a day she would never forget. Ever since she was small she grew up with a hatred towards Muslims. Moving away from the memories and starting a new life over,  Hazel and her father Thomas moved to South Carolina. Life there was amazing for her. She was smart, popular, and was adored by all around her.
On Hazel's 18th birthday her school threw a surprise party for her.

 The same day of her party the principle walked in introducing their new student. Her name was Amina and she was a Muslim girl from London.

Amina is the only Muslim in Hazel's school and Hazel doesn't like it. Hazel treats her very bad. Not only that, she gets threatened and bullied. Things get  so bad for Amina and she wants to move.

Hazel discovers something, that they're not so different after all. She finds out they may be closer than she thinks.

AasiyaDaya AasiyaDaya Oct 16
This book has a great message. I'm glad you wrote it. I'm a Muslim btw
Are you Islam. Same goes as me. BTW I'm from Malaysia. I love ur story. I read most of them.
Aciyah Aciyah Oct 06
I do understand what message you're tryna get thro. When I read some of the comments it made be feel angry because they were probably misunderstanding it. 
                              And I'm pretty sure they forgot the disclaimer that u wrote at the beginning of the story.
                              But I loved this book, it's my favourite one.
I enjoyed reading the book really. At first I thought it was just like any Muslim hater book but I insisted to read because I thought there is something more. So don't worry. Keep doing your thing. I love all your stories by the way. They are beyond creepy and amazing
Yes. My great great grandfather was Palestinian, so I have some middle eastern in me. If I tell somebody when they ask what different countries my family is from, they give me weird looks, and treat me differently. They think I'm Muslim.
Honestly, I really agree that this issue does need to be pointed out because it is true that people do make those sterotypes. I have friends who are Muslim and they are peaceful and they are 0 percent rowdy compared to the rest of my school (which is why I am friends with them).