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Stuck (NaLu, GrUvia, JErza, GaLe, MiraXus, maivis x zeref)

Stuck (NaLu, GrUvia, JErza, GaLe, MiraXus, maivis x zeref)

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ANGEL By Yiddishmarie Updated Nov 30, 2016

Stuck on this island for God knows how long.

Master! What are you planning to do?!

Master: No, I guarantee you, that you will need Laxus on your side *winks*
                              Mirajane: M-master!! *blushes*
                              Me: USE PROTECTION!!@
AngelZWolf AngelZWolf Jun 13
Really. You called him retarded. Why can't he say stuff back. I swear for being smart you know nothing of being equal and not sexist
Master: Mira!
                              Mira: master!
                              Master: Laxus!
                              Laxus: Master!
                              Mira: Laxus!
                              Laxus: Mira!
                              Me: DONKEY
And then-
                              Laxus: *smoke bomb* Heard my name!
                              Twin(My oc): *appears behind him* 🎵Say my name say my name!🎶
                              Laxus: WHAT THE HELL?!
                              Twin: Gotta run! *disappears*
I'm childish when I don't get to eat Taxis (it's a spicy chip if you didn't know)
Acs1234 Acs1234 Jan 10
😋😋 Taste your medicine That is bitter for you but sweet to us