A  Certain Scientific Omnitrix. Book 1. Alien Science

A Certain Scientific Omnitrix. Book 1. Alien Science

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Mikoto Misaka By Misaka_Omnitrix Completed

Academy City. A large city in Japan that is comprised completely of research centers, colleges, high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. 81 percent of it's population is comprised of students while 60 percent of students are super powered psychics created through Academy City's power development program called Espers. Mikoto Misaka is the third strongest Esper out of that 2.1 billion that dwell in Academy City, being also a prestigious student at the most high class all girl's school in the entire world. Naturally, having such high powers, she has faced many weird phenomenon within the city known for the weird and scientifically advanced. However.. her knowledge about the universe is challenged when she meets a particularly weak esper named Ben Tennyson, whose been living on the streets because he couldn't afford the dorm. And as Mikoto will soon discover.. Ben's true powers.. completely unrelated to his esper ones... are quite out of this world...literally.. ( Also known as とある科学のオムニトリックス Toaru Kagaku no Omunitorikkusu.)

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aviad_ aviad_ Oct 22, 2017
Can i just say that is the single best line in the history of wattpad?
Djspark3 Djspark3 Nov 28, 2017
My my, Ben. It seems youre still victim to the /Cartoon Network/ filter.
Refby9 Refby9 6 days ago
He also has a magic space watch he got by accident, but that's none of my business
Misaka_Omnitrix Misaka_Omnitrix Oct 05, 2016
@Darth_Sylph  yes.. yes..  I actually thought he was a hawk at first you know.. then I realized he was absorbed from Liam's species, who was one of the lamest villains in all of Ben 10.
humatrix-X-24 humatrix-X-24 Nov 25, 2016
New to this place, hello!! Finished reading and Misaka_Omnitrix, great job!👍, oddly enough I was also thinking BenXMisaka, like your story
Misaka_Omnitrix Misaka_Omnitrix Oct 05, 2016
@Darth_Sylph  Oops, don't want this to turn into a Comicvine rant.. I hate comicvine's rants XD. These pointless V.S scenarious.