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Did You Hear About The Neighbors?

Did You Hear About The Neighbors?

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wwhat-evenn By wwhat-evenn Updated Dec 25, 2015

After escaping from her colorful past, Lauren finds herself starting over in the suburbs of Texas. She thought a change of scenery would be the perfect start to a new life, but she quickly realizes her faults as she becomes acquainted with her new neighbors. As the months go on, Lauren finds it harder and harder to keep the shocking secrets of her past in the dark, as she learns how manipulative and nosy the women on her block can truly be. It isn't until her neighbor Camila finds out her biggest secret that she realizes the suburbs may not have been the best place to start anew. (G!P Lauren)

Why ... Y'all are mad fake yooo my face is literally like this 😯😮😑😣😫🤔😕😲😤😬😦😠
Lmfao Lauren Johnson thats what you made up lo it coulda been Lauren Mack or Williams what are you doing talking bout Johnson
                              " when I saw her walking down the street , she look so fine I just had to speak , I asked her name as she turned away as she walked all that I could say was 
                              Mm mm yeah yeah 
                              Mm mm mm Yeah yeah "
She just wrote a whole bunch of possibilities that could of happened with her and Lauren because of that incident