Found.  Hiccup x Reader. || Finished

Found. Hiccup x Reader. || Finished

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Y/n was never exactly the normal one of her village , she was always keeping her head down , never wanting to kill a dragon  , even after the peace of dragons and humans passed through out the lands , Y/n's village continued the reckless acts and actually hunted after dragons only to kill them , how ever when she meets the night fury , with blue gazing eyes, her world seemed to shift .

I ship my own dragon. Is that wrong? 'Cause I think they should be soulmates.
despairaddict despairaddict Dec 28, 2016
My reaction was: 
                              *applause* Beautiful choice of name, Toothless.
Amberlizy12 Amberlizy12 Apr 14, 2016
Woah... Did I think of my name like this?
                              Ashley Deadly Hollows? Cool..
YaHomeGirlAli YaHomeGirlAli Jan 06, 2016
Mines white and has gold eyes with  lighter gold and blue specks in her eyes
Wren_HEV_Haddock Wren_HEV_Haddock Sep 21, 2015
No one is shipping ourselves with Hiccup *laughs nervously* that's crazy
NicoleWitts NicoleWitts Jul 26, 2015
I think skyress should be a dark purple and have dark blue eyes