[~Kakashi's Final Decision~]

[~Kakashi's Final Decision~]

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Piece Of Trash By EmphasizeCreative Completed

You and Kakashi have been best friends
For a very long time. But you suddenly start to grow feelings for him, feelings other than friendship. You dont know how to tell him... But he catches you by suprise...
Read the story to find out what happens!
(The beginning of this story takes place in the past)


Also be prepared for terrible grammar/punctuation mistakes and VERY repetitive words/phrases

spoopernootural spoopernootural Jan 02, 2016
*thinks of attack on titan*
                              Levi: I like the brass balls but don't flaunt them they'll get you killed
i_fucked_eren_first i_fucked_eren_first Nov 23, 2015
former mean old or used to be ........... so former sensei means I used to be ur sensei so it was a little confusing for me lol
NejiFangirl NejiFangirl Aug 30, 2015
I...Liked it hope you will also like my story once I publish it.(:
FireWolf273 FireWolf273 Mar 21, 2015
YAY. Finally! I'm Starving.
                              *Runs Over To A Table Full Of Food.
Akane-cchi Akane-cchi Jan 27, 2015
Everyone likes long scenes \(^-^)/
                              It's better to make them longer, so don't worry. X3
Akane-cchi Akane-cchi Jan 27, 2015
I know the bells are at his belt, and I always thought...
                              What if I accidently grabbed his dick? Because I missed.