Perfect Situation (High School Levi x Reader | Modern AU) [discontinued]

Perfect Situation (High School Levi x Reader | Modern AU) [discontinued]

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Not much to say, just your average High School Levi x Reader story .

I don't own Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama does.


- - Jul 12
I like how this story has Levi hating you in the beginning instead of immediately "why is my heart beating fast" balony. I can feel this story is gonna be good be cause it's well structured and doesn't jump to conclusions.
Peasant? PeAsaNT? Um nah bitch that ain't right. That's not how it works.
Goldenire13 Goldenire13 Jun 23
Why are we just walking away? We're nit going to try to stop it or get help?!
Y you no leave angry midget alone *remembers I am same height as him*
                              Brain: but-
                              Me: stfu and think about my science
the whole entire time I was like "Oh my gawsh your ur so dumb*covers eyes*" XDD
Peasant? PEASANT!? Bich I how dafuq you call me that again, you'll be a dead son of a bich I tell you dat