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DEMONS | ADJECTIVE used to describe the haunting memories of ones tragic, cruel past. 

what a fool you were to believe that the monster within you would hide itself away, how foolish of you to believe that the fear and the memories would fade into oblivion. this is your reality. own it. control it. fight it. [copyright 2015 @robbiereyes] [captain america: the winter soldier: bucky barnes] [book one in the reaper series] [#73 in fan-fiction] [cover by @illustration]

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Amberdeengirl17 Amberdeengirl17 Feb 24, 2016
but we can't blame HYDRA for your awesome stories, that's just you
Amberdeengirl17 Amberdeengirl17 Feb 24, 2016
i just saw this how could I just see this I couldn't have missed the title
                              WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE
                              no, really, how did i not see this story earlier?