Married to a Vampire Prince [Completed/Editing]

Married to a Vampire Prince [Completed/Editing]

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Angelika By iloveme_2117 Completed

Candice May Gregory is a seemingly normal girl but little does she know that her life will change one day when she finds herself in a castle with a vampire beside her bed. A teasing dare and a killer curiousity led her to the biggest adventure of her life. Her boring life became completely twisted when she married Stephen Kai Grayson, The Vampire Prince.

What if she falls for the prince for real? Can she handel the ups and downs of their relationship? Can she stand the trials of their marriage? Can she handel the consequences of being the prince's wife? 

She will start a new life in a world where Vampires, Witches and Werewolves exist. A place where her sweetest dreams or her worst nightmare can happen. A world that is completely different from the world she has known all her life.

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blue_angel871 blue_angel871 Apr 30, 2017
                              April 30, 2017. Sunday.
                              4:08 PM.
                              Queen of the South ♥
                              This story interest My La Potencia!~♡
JeramaeVillalobos JeramaeVillalobos Feb 27, 2017
ate pwde gwa k ng story na ang main character c sandara park and g dragon!!
ChasteOsiones ChasteOsiones Jul 20, 2016
Bat ganern? Ang sakit sa feeling na pinagtaksilan ako ni Baek sa storyang ito (T_T). xD
zehel936 zehel936 Dec 31, 2016
this story never failed to amuse me over and over again and I lost count on how many times I have read this story . so thank you miss author for making this story I had learned a lot from this story
folathanatos folathanatos Oct 20, 2016
Author Alan no bang nagreread back lang ako?? Book 2 na dapat ang binabasa ko ehhh, maganda kasi yung story