The Academy

The Academy

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Lily Walker By LilyroseWalker Updated Jun 21, 2016

Eight... the number of boarding schools I've been to in the two last years. I wish I could say I was disappointed in myself, but I wasn't. I didn't care about "education" or making friends "for life" what a load of bullshit. When I turned eighteen I thought that was the end of school... but it wasn't. I got sent to England where they have a few boarding schools for young adults ages nineteen to twenty-five. The first few were nothing out of the ordinary, your classic prep schools with stuck up rich kids trying to achieve a degree. I thought my auntie would have given up on me by now because I have wasted all her money but, she didn't. She wanted revenge, she's always hated me. My real parents and I didn't get along very well so they payed her to take me in. So, I guess for her this was the last straw, she wanted a place that could discipline me and one where I couldn't escape from. 

So on Monday February the 10th 2014 she sent me to The Academy. 

WARNING: This story will contain strong images, sex scenes and abuse. I don't not believe that this should happen to anyone and strongly agree you never try this with someone unless they are willing to. 
© Everything in this story is copyrighted by me Lily Walker 

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CrimsonSkratch CrimsonSkratch Aug 22, 2016
My fingers smell like bacon and cheese.
                              Probably because I just had max and cheese with bacon
Majestic_Punda Majestic_Punda Oct 16, 2015
Did anyone else laugh evil like when they told her that it was a bdsm school or wm I just evil the that
JimmyJAPS JimmyJAPS Apr 21, 2015
I can't decide between whether I want Chelsea or Sage more, thoughts?
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I think this deserves more comments. With a few edits, this could be the next big wattpad thing!