The Spy and the bad boy

The Spy and the bad boy

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I have sooooo many errors in this book, maybe I will eventually fix them but not anytime soon, I was 13 w/o a computer when I wrote this so if you can look past the cringy errors and story plot: read at your own risk

The Spy and the Bad boy

"Alex, just leave me alone. I hate you and I hope I never see you again." He said with this expression that made my heart drop. 

"if that's what you want then so be it. Goodbye Devin." I said as I walked away, not only did I walk away from him but everything I knew, everything I grew up on.  


Its been three years. End of freshmen year I never thought I would be coming back to my hometown nor be living with the guy who most likely hates me more then anything. Oh and also under the protection of Agent Debra and Agent Daniel. 

You're probably confused on what I just said. Let me start from the beginning. But first can you keep a secret.

llovelyAries llovelyAries Dec 26, 2016
Shields as in Agent shield or that show agents of Shields 🤔