(Zoro x Reader) Call me Zoro - One Piece Fanfic

(Zoro x Reader) Call me Zoro - One Piece Fanfic

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(Zoro x Female Reader) Sequel!

First Part - Call Me Zoro !!
Second Part - Maintain Distance
Third Part - My Snips

You have been on the Thousand Sunny for months and you've been with the Straw Hats even longer. But one thing still bothers Zoro, and that is that you always call him Swordsman instead of his name, you two used nicknames for each other, him being Swordsman and yours being Snips. What happens when Your pulled into a powerful 12 hour dream world with a dream version of Zoro in it??

katsumitheanimegirl katsumitheanimegirl Jun 22, 2016
How much you wanna bet that's the flower chopper warned us about
Wait , in the end i think the sleepy flower was in that bunch. So forth , the story ends. Good night. Go home , children! Shoo!
Im guessing that Zoro wants to have that flower in his pocket.
GidgetDidget GidgetDidget Jan 16, 2015
Good news to all my readers, I have just started publishing the second Sequel. It's call Maintain Distance, check it out when you have the time ;)
GidgetDidget GidgetDidget Jan 12, 2015
Sorry for anyone who is reading, don't worry it's not over, I'm currently working on part 3, if there are any requests please let me know ;)