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"What's mine is mine and I don't like sharing." The girl said as she pinned me there against the lockers. Her hands had pinned my arms above my head leaving me completely vulnerable to her. Not only was she my alpha. But she was my mate. And I couldn't argue with her. I gulped and let her sharp silver eyes dig into my blueish grey eyes. Her eyes reminded me of the moon. The one that we obeyed every week. The one the gave us our powers. 

"Alright princess?" She said sternly as she slowly let go of my arms. I nodded before putting on her shirt that she offered me. The scent was intoxicated to me. It smelled like fresh pine and late nights in the forest. When my hair would be tangled with fallen pine needles. As we spent the whole night there. Only to return early the next morning with the pack questioning me. 

"I'm all yours." I spoke softly as she wrapped her arm around my shoulder.

Ihavefunreading Ihavefunreading Nov 03, 2016
YAASSSSS SLEEPING WITH SIRENS!! I love this book already 😍😍😍😍😍
UnholyHelbig UnholyHelbig Sep 26, 2016
When you said "baseball" shirt all I could think was Grace Helbig. But I have problems, so...
_Jesuschrist____ _Jesuschrist____ Apr 03, 2016
Kinda don't like this part cause I'm more of a dominant person but I'll still read it 😊
Outlaw_Tattoo Outlaw_Tattoo Jul 01, 2016
Fluck you and your opinions, how could you be so blind? What goes around comes back around in time. You don't know shlit, shlit about me. You don't know shlit, shlit, shlit, don't know a goddamn thing about me.
CJadeNuc CJadeNuc Feb 16, 2016
I don't understand that first line... "And I feel like you can't see my o gets that through you head" Can someone explain to me
loling-allnight-long loling-allnight-long Oct 09, 2015
Uhhh. . .Well then, uhhhmmm perfect intro to a story and ummmm seems like ill read onward