You're a Wizard, Justin: Round Two

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Andrea Elizabeth By MoonofNeptune Updated 4 years ago
Justin Bieber goes to Hogwarts.
Awww my Justy is always getting hated on, humiliated and doubted on this story. Part 1 and 2. Its soooooo different. Its basically the opposite of his life. I like it, really <3 Theres alot of funny stuffs going on.
I was laughing so hard when "My owl, Beyonce hooted in her cage."
                                    HILARIOUS! I ♥ dis! I h8 Justin Bieber, n i nva rd the 1st book, but i luv dis!
I hope this is a joke!  You cannot contaminate the magical world of Harry Potter with Justin Bieber!  It goes against all the laws of nature!
O__O *Kicks Bieber out of Hogwarts* JK! I'll go read the first book :P
Ok, I just had to ask. Why would you do such a HORRIBLE thing in bringing this chipunk little autotune girl into something as amazing as Harry Potter? Why?!