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Family is Hilarious

Family is Hilarious

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Ally By ShippingOTPSLikeUPS Updated Aug 26, 2016

This is a story about a family going on a road trip.

 All credits for the idea to InturruptingMoose. It will contain Sabriel, Destiel, and Michifer.

I'll update every other Friday.

I_am_Gabriel I_am_Gabriel Sep 12, 2016
I like how it's in script form, you don't see much of that anymore
tumblr_tea_221b tumblr_tea_221b Aug 26, 2016
It's only just occurred to me that we ship brothers a hell of a lot in his fandom, yikes *continues to ship Micifer to the grave*
flamingllamastickz flamingllamastickz Apr 07, 2016
Yay, I'm so glad that you're continuing it!! I love this fic!! <3
destielxtraxh destielxtraxh Aug 21, 2016
CROBBY all I can think about is crobby like I know u won't add any crobby but that's my mind like bless crobby
AlecIsInFactSmart AlecIsInFactSmart Jun 07, 2015
This is actually a great way of writing- it takes out the redundancy of "Dean said... Sam said... Cas said..." et cetera. It's unique, but saves a lot of time too.