For Better or Worse • An Everlark Fanfiction

For Better or Worse • An Everlark Fanfiction

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17 year old Katniss Everdeen is kinda like girls her age. Sorta. She's into bands and usually wears her casual clothes such as oversized sweaters, band t-shirts, black skinny jeans, and her usual worn out black converse. Her chocolate brown curls are usually up in a dutch braid and her face is completely makeup free. She always has her best friends Annie, Glimmer and Johanna by her side. Katniss is an independent woman with no one telling her how to run her life, but that was before he stumbled back into her life.

Peeta Mellark is the school's so called bad boy. His ashy blonde curls always seem to be effortlessly messy and his stunning ocean blue eyes always shine like stars. Katniss and Peeta were best friends as kids until one day Peeta moved away from her life until this year. Usually wearing his black leather jacket and shades, he always has things go out his way. The familiar smirk everyone knows all to well never seemed to leave his lips, and Katniss hated that about him.

But she also loved it too.

***first fanfiction, please don't judge for terrible chapters and I really hope you enjoy this!***

wait i dont get it can someone tell me what the fudgeing monkeys is going on
empora2000 empora2000 Mar 11
All I think in this part is lily and snape from Harry Potter